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Cooper Square Bond No. 9

Cooper Square

Bond No. 9

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Bond No. 9 zeroes in on that up-and-coming hotspot, Cooper Square, where the East Village meets NoHo, and the Bowery and the new über-Downtown begin. For this assertive new...



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Cooper Square

Bond No. 9 zeroes in on that up-and-coming hotspot, Cooper Square, where the East Village meets NoHo, and the Bowery and the new über-Downtown begin. For this assertive new neighborhood, what else but an intense but contemporary eau de parfum?

For a century and a half, it’s modestly served as the front yard to Cooper Union, that world-famous architecture and engineering institution, and as a strategically located sliver of a park where traffic barreling down from uptown swerves and merges to form the start of uber-Downtown, otherwise known as the Bowery. But today, Cooper Square itself is in motion, zooming into the 21st century—and acquiring a new image as the latest New York hot-spot (worthy of the Bond No. 9 treatment, its own eau de parfum).

The square in fact is a triangle, whose sharp end points, arrowlike, downtown. It was named for Peter Cooper, the 19th century New York inventor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and city notable who founded Cooper Union so others could benefit from the formal education he never had. Over the years, the park’s surroundings have formed a mini-campus chock-a-block with students, hipsters, and tourists, with pizza and felafel joints, margarita and mojito bars, Japanese hair salons, tapas and sushi joints, yoga studios, a vinyl record shop, and even a mansard-roof Parisian style hôtel particulier across the street. But just lately, the atmosphere has shifted, as sleek and gleaming new buildings take shape on and around Cooper Square—including two hotels (the Bowery and the Cooper Square), both known for their cool factor, as well as a luxury apartment building with a swimming pool on the roof, and a couple of edgy clothing boutiques. Uptown, it’s not. This is Downtown in future mode, mixed in with treasures from New York’s past.

Bond No. 9 Cooper Square, the eau de parfum we designed for this emerging milieu, is warm and intense (its lightest notes are juniper berry and vetiver), in a contemporary way. Rich in spices and incense (as befits the neighborhood), it’s seductive in its calming effects. Cognac, lavender, patchouli, and an ambery, feral Mediterranean flowering plant called ciste labdanum are key ingredients, giving it a desirable male-female quotient that’s avidly sought out in the world’s Downtowns these days.

The gleaming, chrome-finish Cooper Square bottle was inspired by the neighborhood’s new architecture. Laser-etched with an overall patterning of the Bond No. 9 signature logo, this is a study in high-tech spareness, reverberating with inner-outer light and transparency. When held up to the light. Not only does its cut-out pattern emerge on the opposite side, but its pool of eau de parfum becomes visible too.

Codice: BOND45

Sesso: Unisex

Testa: Lavanda, Ginepro, Cognac

Cuore: Patchouli, Olibano, Mirra, Legno di cashmere

Fondo: Vetiver, Muschio

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